Thoughtful Innovation - Brainpower is an endlessly renewable resource.

Making your life - and the future - Better

We're committed to making product and packaging advancements that eliminate waste and conserve raw materials - without compromising and inch on quality. We know you expect nothing less.

The hunt for better solutions keeps us nimble and innovative, generating ideas we never imagined possible - a reminder that what's good for the planet is good for business, too.

Pursuing the best and brightest ideas

We never stop looking for inventive ways to do more with less.

Process innovations allow us to produce super-absorbent, three-ply Quilted Northern Ultra Plush® without using any more fiber than our previous two-ply product.

Redesigned packaging allows us to load 20% more Quilted northern Ultra Plush® on each truck, reducing the truck fleet by almost 10% - slashing emissions and fuel consumed.

Thanks to a breakthrough in rim design, Dixie Ultra® plates are now a full 40% stronger without using more fiber.

We patented the Dixie PerfecTouch® Grab'N Go® cup with an insulated, textured grip to keep your beverage hot and your fingers cool - eliminating the need for a paper sleeve.

Building Sustainability into Every Stage of Product Life

Georgia-Pacific embraces a total life-cycle approach to product sustainability. We give serious consideration to every stage of a product's life, from its raw materials, manufacturing and distribution to its use, recycling and ultimate disposal. Scroll over the icons below to see how we put our sustainability commitment into practice.